Monday, 11 December 2017

Doing your bit!

I was reading an article in one of the magazines I produce for work and while it was aimed at lawyers ‘changing the world’ it really struck me and I felt it should be shared. It was about the idea of ‘doing the bit you can do’ and not telling yourself you can’t change things or can't do things just because you’re not the top in your field.

The idea of doing the bit you can do can relate to a lot of areas of our lives and it relates a little to the conversation I’ve been having over Twitter with some other bloggers about our ideas of perfection. How we’re never happy enough with our work and forever seem to have Tall Poppy syndrome. Constantly feeling that other people are better than us and because of that there’s no point releasing work that isn’t good enough. When in actual fact to others your work is good enough.

Do the bit you can do.

You may not be an amazing illustrator who can sell millions of prints, or have hundreds of people seeking commissions each week. But you can make prints, and you can sell them, and you can get super excited when a few people love them and buy them. Because in most cases there will be those few who love them and soon those few numbers will grow. 

The idea is that, if the 'something' you want to do makes you terrified or worried then you probably need to do something that is a bit smaller or even things that prepare you to do the initial thing. We tend to work with things we ‘should’ do but this idea is what you can do, not what you should do. You 'should' make a print collection that never eventuates as it's too much to handle, but you can make a couple of fab prints, so do that! 

Don’t do more than you can do, only do the bit you can do. Don’t let the size of the thing you want to pursue put you off doing the little things needed to pursue it. Little steps will eventually take you up and up so you can see over those tall poppies.


Friday, 8 December 2017

Let's Talk Christmas...

There's just something about Christmas that gets me a little emotional actually. It's mostly the nostalgia. Nostalgia, especially around Christmas, just gets me ya know?

I just wanted to sit down and have a little chat about Christmas because frankly, it's my favourite time of year, not necessarily the actual day but the buildup. Last year I ranted about gift guides (don't get me started again on that) so this year I thought I'd talk about something a bit more enjoyable. 

Like I said, Christmas for me is all about the build-up and the nostalgia. If any Christmas song plays from our home yearly playlist I actually get a tear in my eye, it gives me the feels. I just put a playlist on to write this and Last Christmas started and I swear the first note gave me an achy chest. The only problem is I'm currently writing this on my lunch break at work and all I want to do is sing along. 

I moved to New Zealand from England when I was 13, this meant my childhood was all about the winter Christmases. I've had one Christmas day with my extended family since then so this is why Christmas is nostalgic for me. Christmas in the summer is different, it feels different and don't get me wrong I don't hate it, it's just when December rolls around again all I crave is the old wintery traditions from my childhood. and right now, it's beginning to LOOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMASSSS!

Even though Christmas is all about the nostalgia for me, this year is full of new traditions. I moved house during the year so we have a new house to decorate, and my parents also moved house during the year so Christmas day will be in a new house. It’s also my first year with a proper full-time job right up until Christmas. Usually, I spend a week or so before Christmas at my parents preparing for the day and hanging out with my family, but this year I won’t be there until Christmas Eve (after an overnight stop at my Boyfriend’s family place). It’s going to be a bit weird and different, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it!

This does also mean though that I get my first proper work Christmas party this year. My boyfriend and I are also hosting a Christmas party BBQ thing with our friends at our place. So, with those and the Christmas eve eve party with my in-laws, there’s sure to be a lot of festivities in the coming weeks! I actually feel rather busy this month, its now the 6th of December and I’ve barely watched any Christmas movies, I’m slightly disappointed in myself (usually I would’ve watched at least 6). 

Are you looking forward to Christmas this year? Or are you more of a build up sort of person like me?

Favourite song this year: You Make It Feel Like Christmas - Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton
Favourite movie this year: Love Actually
Favourite Christmas Special: Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special 
Top of the Christmas list: GHDs, books, and rings


Monday, 4 December 2017

Top 5 Brunches in Wellington, NZ

Winner ~ Egmont St Eatery's Lemon Meringue French Toast
Last month I posted a food around the world post where I talked about all the food I craved and wished I could taste. I think from that you may be aware of how much I’m a fan of desserts and sweet treats so it’s probably not a surprise I always go for the sweet option when at brunch. Waffles, pancakes, and french toast are my faves for brunch if I order off the menu. As it’s usually what I have, I thought I’d share my list of all the best places for a sweet brunch in Wellington. Before I start I will add that I’m not a fan of maple syrup and I don’t like bacon, so my choices below are all going to be fruit based.

6. Coffee Club – Lower Hutt
I’m going to start with a place not to order pancakes from. They may have been having a bad day but my pancakes were rubbery and the berries accompanying them were tart and inedible. Recommend everything below before you’d bother with the Coffee Club pancakes.

5. Aro Café – Aro Street
The reason this is fourth is that I’m not that big of a fan of hot cakes. They tasted great, I just could barely eat half of the portion because the hot cakes are that big and fluffy. Which is great if you're eating with a human dustbin who will finish the rest after finishing their own, but not great if you want to enjoy your food without having to undo your pants halfway. 

4. Dixon St Deli – Dixon Street
As I live off Dixon Street I have been to the Dixon St Deli so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve tried their pancakes and french toast a number of times and I have to say while the pancakes and french toast themselves are great (I’d say french toast over pancakes), it’s the sides that let them down. When your pancakes comes with basically a side fruit salad the salad shouldn’t be tiny cubes of apple and pear and segments of oranges still with a large amount of the white pith on. Not to be picky about fruit, but give me some fancy fruit, or at least nice big juicy bits of apple and pear without the skin on (see photo above).

3. Matterhorn – Cuba Street
I’m pretty sure Matterhorn will be closed by the time this is live but I thought I’d mention it on the off chance they open somewhere else and still have their pancake on the menu. I say pancake because there was just the one, it was more like a hotcake like Aro Café, however, this one was a perfect size and the accompanying fruits were great. Not knock your socks off but still a very good pancake!

2. Astoria – Midland Park, Lambton Quay
Unfortunately, I don’t think this is on their current menu but on the off chance it is whenever you go next I thought I’d mention it. Astoria's salted caramel pancakes are glorious. Perfect pancakes, amazing salted caramel sauce, and a great amount of fruit (and bacon which I donate to the nearest bacon lover) on the side. 

1. Egmont St Eatery – Egmont Street
After being in Wellington for five years I only went to Egmont St Eatery for the first time last month, yeah I know, disappointing. I heard it was excellent but knowing it was sort of small and usually brunching with a group of around 8 I never trusted we would get a table. But last month I tried the French toast and I very nearly felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. My favourite dessert is lemon meringue tart so the fact that this French toast was basically lemon meringue flavour just made my day. Lemon curd, blackberry jam/coulis, soft meringue, shortbread, and fruit – probably the best French toast I’ve had in my life. I've also had their waffles, while aren't as good as the french toast they are still excellent.

I’m yet to go to Drexels/Americanos yet, which is a shame as I pretty much work above it, so they’re not on this list but I’ve heard wondrous things about them so don’t discredit them. Once I’ve been I’ll be sure to update you on their position in the standings above.

Special addition: I've recently been to Crepes a Go Go on Manners Street after a recommendation from Lula and she was correct they're bloody good and really cheap as well! As this is a street stall instead of a cafe I felt it couldn't make the list but if it did it'd definitely be second, that's how good it was! 

Is there anywhere I’ve missed? I've probably tried a few others that I cant remember but please let me know your favourites as I’ll plan my next weekend around it!