Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Artist Feature | Sam Cikauskas

As always I discovered Sam Cikauskas (Sam Cik) while scrolling the Discover tab on Instagram. I'd never really come across some of the art Sam creates before and it was flipping great. While he may not have been the first to do this style he was the first I discovered. Sam lives in Colorado, where he studied his Masters of Fine Art and has his work in collections around the world including Ireland, Australia, and the UAE. 

Primarily a printmaker, Sam does the regular carve wood and print onto paper type of printmaking (shown in the image above). But he also paints and sells his carvings as art. I swear this isn't new but I just fell in love with his plant woodcuts so much I wanted to share them with you (right). I liked the fact that the way he carved these pieces meant they worked both as a print and as an object and sometimes with printmaking it doesn't matter what the carving looks like as long as whatever it prints looks nice. If you look at his Instagram, there's a lot of videos showing his process of carving, painting, and inking. They're fascinating to watch!

Ever since doing a lot of letterpress and printmaking last year at University I've been wanting to get back into it and do some personal projects but let's just say that hasn't happened yet. I've bought the things I need to make things, it's just currently sitting on my desk doing nothing. I think it will be fun, once I get started, to plan a piece that can both 'make art' and 'be art' like Sam does. 

If you want to check out more of his work, I totally recommend you at least chuck him a follow on Instagram, here are his links: 


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A Court of Tears and Feelings | Book Review

I never thought I’d say it but I’ve just read some books that very nearly take over Harry Potter as my favourite series. I’ve been putting off reading A Court of Thorns and Roses as I’ve never had the physical copy and I always wanted to read other books more than it. But at the start of the year I bought it on a whim and I barely ever put it down once I'd struggled through the first few chapters. If you’ve tried it and couldn’t get into it, I recommend trying again and if you still don’t like it when you’re about a third through then I guess that’s fair enough.

I've now since finished the entire series and boy I loved it! The only reason Harry Potter is still top is because of the nostalgia. It's been far too long since I've read a book that I literally can't put down. I read it everywhere; I took it to work, I cooked with it, I sat on the toilet with it. I just couldn't stop, especially the last book A Court of Wings and Ruin. 

That book ruined me.

I haven't had a proper bawling cry at a book in so long, I never even cried when Dumbledore died. But I cried at each of these books, literally the almost ending of each of them had me crying my eyes out. That's what I've been missing, actually FEELING a book, FEELING the characters.  

Can we just talk about how Sarah J Maas writes? 
It’s not going to be for everyone but I just love the fact that she can write the characters in the exact same way but because of the scenes you can either love or hate a character. For example in the first book, Tamlin is God, he's the hunky adorable guy everyone loves and Rhysand we hate. Then written the same way in the second book but because of the context and scenes we hate Tamlin and love Rhys. It's weird and glorious. 

(Minor spoilers ahead)
I’m definitely a Rhyre shipper, what is their ship name anyway? I can’t actually remember the last time I actually said I shipped a couple, but gosh I’m a big fan of Rhys and Feyre. 

I feel about fifteen. 

Their relationship is just fluid and lovely and full of banter and I just love it. It broke my heart a little bit, near the end of ACOMAF where she discovers she’s his mate and starts raging at him. I truly thought Rhyre may be over for a moment and it hurt a little. That’s how you know your ships are true right? Then the end of ACOWAR the cauldron scene I just can't even think about that again, I was crying my eyes out. 

The only thing I felt was wrong in the series was that everything had a happy ending, barely anyone important died. With the amount of stuff that happens in those books, more people should have died. (Of course, I love them so they shouldn't have)
(Minor spoilers over)

I also have a small place in my heart for Lucien, obviously more for the first book than the second, but what happens in the second book doesn’t make me love him less and then the third just made me love him even more. I’m never going to accept that he has long hair though, I always imagine him with short hair and I’m never going to change that despite the fact it’s mentioned quite a number of times. Behind Rhys, he's definitely my favourite. I'm not a huge fan of Feyre but I can deal. 

Have you read the series, what did you think?


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

How's it going?

Well hello there, how's it going? It's been a while, hasn't it? 

I'm not very good at making time for this blogging thing since I've begun working full time. Hopefully, this is the point of change. Either that or I'll see you again in two months when I get around to writing another post. 

I have so much to share with you though so hopefully I can get a handle on this time juggling thing and stop spending all evening and weekend playing The Sims. I have over ten million followers on there, so does that count?? I guess not. 

I got to the point where I was blogging just because I felt I had to, and I'd share things because I felt I should. I talked about this a few months ago here so I won't go fully into it. I want to be more creative, more creative than designing the interior of my Sim's new apartment. So I want to develop the ideas I've had for a rather long time. I have a whole board of inspiration pinned on Pinterest that I need to stop pinning and start doing! Stop saying 'I want to do this' and start doing it. I mean I've probably written a handful of posts about this very thing, convincing all you guys to go do stuff and then I'd go binge watch the new season of Orange is the New Black.  

I'm currently only planning on scheduling one post a week, to begin with, as I thought going straight back into three posts a week was just going to cause mayhem and another few months of dead blog space. So yes one post a week with a sprinkle of 'I felt like posting this'. 

Here we go, how do you like the beginning of the start of something new? 

If you find any glitches or bugs let me know, things will be slightly changing until I'm happy everything is perfect. (Including a new headshot of me!)