Friday, 4 May 2018

Mood: The One With the Good Vibes and the Mini Goals

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I do have my overall yearly goals, yes, but sometimes I like to try and focus on some smaller things a month and for the month of May that's exactly what I'm doing. I took most of April off from doing creative things after work as I knew I wanted to get involved in the 100-day project and continuing to work on things leading up to the start of that felt like the recipe for burn out. I let my brain have a rest and spent it mostly binging new shows and books and playing The Sims 4 and a bit of nostalgic Runescape. Not gonna lie my brain is now full of creative ideas and things I want to get started with, so much so that I considered and actually tried to launch an email newsletter from idea to the first email in just over a week. Silly me obviously that didn't work out as I'm not a creative wizard with 50 hour days. But now it's May and I have some mini goals to achieve in the next 31 days and hopefully, I can actually achieve them.

Launch the newsletter.

I have done many a twitter poll to find out some things to do with this and according to you guys, out of those who actually read newsletters, 2/3s said yes and 1/3 said maybe so I'm taking that as a yes. Or at least a yes enough to trial it! So Internet Loving Monday, a collection of wonderful things and people from around the internet to spark your creativity and positivity, should be falling into your inboxes at the start of every month beginning June 4. Fingers crossed if it all goes well it should become more regular. May is all about getting everything organised for the launch, so keep an eye out for a sign-up link coming your way soon! Ooh and freebies!!!

Start off the 100-day project on the right foot.

May 1 marked the first day of the 100-day project going on in New Zealand. I'm planning on doing a piece of lettering of some kind every day; whether that be a letter, a word, or part of a quote that forms in entirety after a few days. 2018 is all about improving my skills in order to make and sell products so what better way to force myself to practice every day than signing up for a public challenge! I'll be posting my daily drawings over on my lettering Instagram @sofillyletters if you want to follow along!

Continue to give my brain a break.

The worst part of having a break is getting back into the saddle and going full speed ahead. I'm currently rather busy at work so while I have things I want to achieve in my side projects I cant focus all my time on them as my brain will never stop and I'll crash sooner than I think. While I don't plan on being as chill as I was in April I definitely want to make sure I'm setting time aside to consume and relax. I recently bought a Nintendo Switch so I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of my free time in the worlds of Stardew Valley and The Legend of Zelda to concentrate on work.

What do you have planned for May?


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