Hello there internet people!

I'm Sophie, I enjoy sloths, cats, and typography. Here's all my rambings about design, books and lifestyle. 

Sofilly is a way to express my creativity without having to stick to a brief; I love to blog about new and old things that inspire me, things I love, and things I think you guys would love. Sofilly has been running since 2013 however I've only recently near the end of 2014 gotten serious about it. 

If you want to get in contact with me for any reason, go ahead! Contact me on sophie@melligan.co.nz


What font is your header?
It's my own handwriting; I used the procreate app. 

Why Sofilly?
It's a mix of my first and middle name, Sophie Leanne, my mum sometimes calls me Sophie Lee and it just evolved from there.

Can you design a blog graphic for me? 
Sure, I'm open to all freelance design work. Flick me an email about it! 

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