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Sunday, 7 April 2013

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I cant remember how, when and why I started watching YouTubers but I'm 95% certain it all started with the Fantastic Foursome and mainly Danisnotonfire. If I manage to track my memory back a couple of years I can remember sitting in Science class with my friend Louise discussing our YouTuber 'husbands' and their newest videos. Seven months ago however I got shown this video 'Zoella Does My Make Up' and pretty much ever since then I have been obsessed with Zoe and the rest of the crew. 

I think a few of my friends have noticed how much I love her and Louise from the amount of times I talk about them and Baby Glitter. All 'Zoe this', 'Louise that' and my main one 'oh I like this, reminds me of Zoe's so and so' it's amazing people haven't slapped me yet but hey ho I wouldn't be me without my constant addictions! It was both of them who got me into the idea of starting my own YouTube channel but of course being the person I was that didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I had a few ideas written down and ready to be filmed but I just never liked how the videos turned out, I'm too much of a perfectionist. I did however then consider starting a blog similar to theirs about the things I liked and loved and months down the line from the idea here it is. 

I totally recommend watching both these girlies and all the other YouTubers named above, maybe you could also get a little inspiration although I don't think I'm brave enough for those disco pants just yet hehe. x