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A princess and a little frog

Friday, 12 April 2013

I came across this book in the library at University and honest to God couldn't hold in a squeal when I discovered it. There's a large range of Disney animation books there and by the end of the semester I'll have had them all out I bet you but this one caught my fancy. At the moment The Princess And The Frog is my favourite Disney movie due to it's lovely storyline, catchy musical numbers and great humorous characters, who couldn't fall in love with it? 

One of my passions in life is animation and in particular Disney animation so of course coming across these sorts of books was hard to imagine. If you've never come across one of these books before I suggest searching one out if you're into animation and/or Disney. The artists and directors take you through scene by scene/character by character and basically outline the thoughts and processes it took from getting the initial sketches of Tiana for example all the way onto the big screen.

I'm onto my third renewal at the moment because I just can't seem to part with it although unfortunately I can't renew it again so I will have to pluck up the courage and give it back to the library. Sad times although I can still revel in the perfect animation by watching the movie over and over again and of course singing my heart out along with the characters. x