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Another year older, another year wiser?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It was my 19th birthday yesterday and weirdly not the first birthday I've spent away from my family even though I've only just moved to Uni but this was different to all those other times at camps and things. I guess it was just that I wouldn't be going home in a few days and can have my presents and cards then instead. Here it would be another month and a half til I went home so my mum sent me down a few little presents (I'd received my iPad mini a few weeks ago) and a few cards that had already arrived. Unfortunately as most of my cards are airmailed from England they didn't arrive in time for when Mum sent me down the package but hey ho I can get over it. 

My flatmates and Louise went to the big deal of making me cakes; flatmates cute chocolate heart shaped cakes and Louise made cute little cupcakes with the writing on above. Both were equally yummy and god it felt good to have cake! On the day I trudged off to uni to endure class that I really would miss a lot if I skipped like I was planning to and waited patiently until freedom. Louise and I went out to dinner at Nandos and then went and saw Oz: the Great and Powerful. Both were really good and the cinema turned out to be a lot cheaper than Tauranga so we've made a pact to go more often as treats. 

Overall it was a pretty decent birthday besides not being able to be with my family I did end up skyping them so that was alright hehe x