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Just say yes and live your life.

Monday, 22 April 2013

I've never really been one of those people who live life hard without the fear of striking out. Moving to University however has given me all these new chances to try something new and to say yes to things I would never have dreamed of doing ever in my life before. Although at this point in time it's only really small things but hey I'm trying! I even participated in an event even though I knew it involved running that's how pro I am now. (not that we didn't actually end up running but hey its the thought that counts) This is just one of the things I knew I had to grow up and do seen as being creative and a designer is made by taking chances. 

Don't put off or pull out of a project/assignment just because you have to present to the class. Don't shy away from showing off your work because it actually might be good you just don't know. Shout out an answer with confidence even if you don't know for certain it's right. Just do it all and get used to being wrong because you're going to be wrong many many times in your life. I know myself that I'm just getting started it's gonna get worse and I need to be ready so that when that time comes I don't end up collapsing into a crying ball of tears in the corner... x