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DIY Stamper Nails

Sunday, 5 May 2013

I received this nail stamping set for my birthday and as you might be able to see from the redness I've already tried it out. Basically it's a cheaper dupe of the Konad Nail Stamping Set and having not used the original set I can't really compare but I wanted to show you the basics. 

Start by painting your nails with a base coat and then two coats of your chosen colour. Then with the other colour (best to choose one that stands out on the block coat) follow the set directions of painting the chosen pattern, swiping off the excess and then stamping it onto the stamper. Hey presto a ready made stamp!

From there you can stamp it carefully and quickly onto your nails to create a perfect patterned design. All you need is to let it dry and add a quick drying top coat and you're finished! Taadaa!

I will say I've had a few problems with this set so far and as mentioned before I cannot compare it to the original Konad set but I would probably have problems with that too. What puts down this set is the fact that nail polish gets everywhere and I mean everywhere all over the set which is a bugger to clean off each time you use it but other than that after practice it's pretty decent.  Unfortunately I don't know where you can get this set from as I received it as a present and also I have managed to lose the packaging so I don't even know it's name but any dupe of the Konad set would work. Have fun messing around x

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