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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

There's one thing I said to myself when I started up my blog and that was "I wouldn't turn it into a fashion blog". Mainly because I'm not really one for fashion I just wear what I like but as this is my personal lifestyley designy blog thing I thought I would share one of my recent loves. I don't really know if there's a proper name for these types of shorts (told you I wasn't fashiony hehe) but they're just a casual baggy floaty pair of shorts. 

The problem about where I live is it's incredibly windy most of the time so dresses and skirts are a big no no to me as I like to be comfortable and not have to shove my skirt down every few minutes. That is where these shorts come in. The loose fabric means I can get a girlyish look without having to worry about them flying up in whichever direction, it's great! I wear them with pretty much everything and I might be over wearing them a wee bit but who cares. The black ones I can get away with it a lot of the time but the cheetah ones not so much so I think it's obvious I've been wearing the black pair a lot.. 

Don't worry I'll go back to my normal type posts now hehe oh and excuse the artist crap all over the side wall x
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