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Time to take a much needed break

Monday, 20 May 2013

With hand-ins happening next week the end of the semester is looming and creeping towards us so quickly it's hard to believe we're almost through half a year of University. It felt like only last week I had stocked up on energy drinks getting through the massive amounts of work for first quarter hand-ins and now we're here. The one thing I do seem to struggle with whenever due dates start looming is time management... I suck at it. I am constantly leaving everything to the last minute and stressing until the very half hour before the due time about not getting it done. I do of course, I always do but I just feel like it's never going to be my best work if I rush it all at the end but it's who I am. 

I came across this graphic while surfing Tumblr on one of my many study breaks and thought to myself that I should really do more with my breaks than just switching tabs from research websites to Tumblr. So I might not be doing everything on that list but some I might just give a go in the many breaks I have left until last hand-in. I've already started on a wee little project of my own that I've been doing in breaks and it's going pretty well if I must say but you guys will have to wait and see when I've finished hehe x
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