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We got tickets! Yay!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The pre sale for Taylor Swift's Red Tour happened today and of course my two friends and I were poised at the ready refreshing the page to get tickets instead of going to our uni classes. As soon as one of us got the ticket page we went into an absolute frenzy as two of our laptops wouldn't go through the buying process without crashing so in the end it was third laptop lucky and we managed to get tickets. Unfortunately one of the ones we thought had crashed had actually gone through so we ended up with 3 more tickets than we wanted. The past hour has been spent on every social network we're on trying to sell the tickets so we wouldn't run up the bill on my parents credit card so much. So far we've managed to sell two so all is not lost, there's always trade me hehe. 

I'm really excited for the show especially as Ed Sheeran has been touring with her and although it hasn't been announced if he is joining her for the New Zealand leg of the tour I still have hope. I'm not waiting til next year to see him again it's already been too long. Even if he doesn't Taylor will still be amazing and I have 6 months to go through every single one of her songs so far and learn every single lyric it will be amazing. 

Oh and of course it being in Auckland we get to see Sam again which is fabulous. I can't wait x
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