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We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Today was such a cute little outing with the friendlings. Wellington zoo was only $2 entry today for some reason so we decided to make the most of it and wait the 30-40 minutes in line to get in. Even though we're all heavily overloaded with uni work including myself (excuse the lack of posts at the moment) we decided it was a much needed break and got together and explored all the animals habitats. Unfortunately the wind was rather in your face so a few of the animals were sheltering inside their little huts but for the most part we had some amazing fun. 

Sorry for the very heavily imaged post but it's worth it for the cute animals. I must say the otters, giraffe and meerkats were my favourites of the day and if we had gone in earlier I'm sure we would've stayed until closing time just the same. I think I probably jumped around and squealed more than the kids around the park but it was the best way to spend a sunny, if not incredibly windy, afternoon x

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