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Throwback Thursday

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Whenever I come home or before I went to uni whenever I was bored I'd go and pick out a few photo albums and have a look through. We have so many, my Mum obviously got a bit snap happy in my brother and I's younger years but I'm not complaining. I'm quite a soppy nostalgic girl when it comes to old photos and frankly I'm just trying to figure out if I rocked the full fringe better now or when I was 4.. Sorry about the quality of the photos by the way, our scanner is broken so they're just photos of photos. 

I know I tried to make all the photos of me but I had to include one of my cat, he's so little awwh. Well he's not that huge now but images of him and his sister (the image above where I look like I'm squeezing her to death) are just so cute.. I wonder if he misses her I know I do x

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