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Saturday, 27 July 2013

While purchasing a book for one of my classes I decided to pick up an A6 diary to keep with me at all times. I was inspired by one of my tutor to keep something near me to doodle or write on whenever I had spare time. Basically I wanted to improve my drawing skills and more importantly my pen drawing skills.. I've never really been one to understand the joys of using pen because of my major perfectionist brain I always wanted to erase half my drawings and redo them to make them as perfect as my skills could manage. Here's a few pages that I've done so far, as you can see I've been using it as a place to make lists too and fail at doing things on the list but hey at least I'm trying. Hopefully by the end of the book, 60 pages back and front so 120 drawings in total, I'll be slightly more decent at pen and throwing away my perfectionism... hopefully x

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