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Sunday, 4 August 2013

I haven't been able to blog properly for a while because of a silly virus my laptop has that means it's rather hard to upload photos and also I can't get photos off Instagram for example. So I thought I'd do a wee catch up on what's been happening with my life. 
  1. Uni has been a bit busy due to the fact I'm doing a few classes that involve things I've never done before. It's a bit stressful at first but I'm starting to get the hang of it and I guess it's good to jump out of your comfort zone a bit, there's nothing more boring than sitting through a 4 hour class week after week with your teacher going over the basics of Photoshop, at least I'm learning a lot of things this semester.
  2. Now it's second semester a lot of us first years are starting to get a bit worried about where we're going to live next year as Uni Accommodation is only available for first years. Luckily a few friends and I got together and through a link on TradeMe managed to find this really nice flat practically next door to where I am now which is great. It's 5 bedroomed and sharing it with 5 other people means it's practically like this year all over again. I'm really excited to move in and customise the place especially as my room is like three times the size as my one here at the moment and I can actually stick things on the wall woohoo! 
  3. My friend has been constantly nagging me to start watching Teen Wolf with her and a few others and I've been putting it off again and again with hope of less tv the better but I caved. For the past few days I've watched all three series up to date and am thoroughly addicted oops! Team Sterek! Along with that I've had a serious addiction to The Mortal Instruments book series, I'm currently part way through the fifth one and seriously excited for the movie in like 18 days eek! 
  4. Following a wee procrastination session today I decided to rearrange an area of my room so that I can access my clothes easier and I don't know about you but after rearranging things everything looks so different even if it's just a small shelf that got moved. It feels good to have a place for everything now and not random trousers and tops sitting on my bed because they have no place to go.
Oh that was a much longer post than I thought it would be hey ho I'll end it here and keep the rest for later x
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