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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Last night my flatmate kindly allowed me to hack into his Netflix account and watch the documentary Helvetica (mainly because I wanted to watch it before class today and I couldn't be arsed walking to the library at 7pm at night). But my tutor recommended it to me in passing after discussing my project on typography and my love for it and well I thought I should take a gander. It was actually really good, I'm not really one for documentaries unless they're on cute little animals and things but it was really interesting. Apart from now I have added another font to my long list of type that I can recognise on the street on posters and things sigh I'm turning into such a design geek my god. I thought the quote that's on the right poster above is really nice summation of what they were talking about. Really recommend the movie if you're into this type of thing x
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