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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Although it's no nearer Christmas as it is my birthday I thought I would compile a wee selection of things that I've been keeping my eye on for a while now that I'm praying a fairy delivers me as a 'congrats you tried' award or something. 

  • Country Road Totebag: I've seen these around everywhere in Wellington like almost everyone has one in the winter months to carry everything around. I was really looking for this to use as my carry on luggage because frankly I'm tired of carrying about three bags onto the plane all the time and having to look after them constantly. 
  • Playsuits/Dungarees: Since buying my first playsuit (or jumpsuit whatever you call them) I've really began to love how simple they are to just shove on and get on with your day with. As much girlyness and cutesyness as a dress while not having to worry about the wind flashing ya undies to everyone, with Wellington that's a huuuuge plus so I've been wanting to get my hands on a few more but they always seem so expensive. These are from ASOS and Boohoo and are gorgeous.. *sighs at empty student wallet* 
  • Owl Pillow: I've collected pillows for a while now and I came across one similar to this beauty while I was in England in December and I haven't stopped thinking about it and cursing at myself as to why I didn't buy it... I remember I didn't think I'd be able to get it home but having got home I know now I could've and I should've. 
  • Printstagram: I just need photos for my walls guys they're bare and they look horribly empty. I just need this now please. 
  • 3DS + Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Ever since it was mentioned it was going to be coming out I wanted to trade in my old Nintendo DS Lite for the 3DS and get my hands on New Leaf. I'm a crazy Animal Crossing fan and just thinking about being the mayor of the town makes me get grabby hands at the thing. I just haven't gotten around to selling my DS Lite yet lazy bones *slaps the back of my hands*
Ah to the days where I didn't have a major student loan and most of this would be in my room right now. There's a few things like a plane ticket and a macbook that I thought would just be too big to stick on a wishlist with things like a pillow so yes this is a mini wishlist hehe x
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