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Let's plunge to the bottom of the sea

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Today my uni accommodation organised a mid winter plunge into the harbour. It wasn't the greatest weather nor was the water all that appetizing to jump into it but a fair few risked their lives.. I wasn't one of them but I went along to cheer my flatmates along who were jumping. There was meant to be a best dressed and best jump award so there was a lot to interest the public and we did gain quite the audience! All in all it was an entertaining few hours and I am proud of myself having not been peer pressured to jump haha. There is a little bridge where we stood to take a lot of photos (353 oops) which happened to have the beginnings of a love lock collection. It doesn't look as pretty or cute as the one in Paris and other famous cities due to the rust and things but it's still kinda cute that we have our own little one x

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