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Winter Wonderland

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I was looking through my files for a photograph for my friend for uni and I came across my folder from when I first got my DSLR camera back in England in December. Of course having the new thing I wanted to just take a photograph of everything and got way too snap happy without even reading how to even use the bloody thing. I still haven't even properly learnt yet I am slow at getting my arse into gear guys. I loved taking photos of the scenery around my Nan and Grandads place because it was so pretty in the winter and frankly that's what I miss about winter here in New Zealand because winter is just rain and wind here.. in England it's amazingly beautiful with frost and chills and the occasional icicle and frozen rivers. I wish I'd taken more of the landscape as it was frankly so beautiful, sometimes I wish I lived there again so I could take in the beauty everyday.. x 

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