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a day in the life of sofi

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

  • finding a girl in one of my classes who loves Harry Potter and Disney as much as me and spending the entire class and an hour afterwards just fangirling together pouring over this amazing book. 
  • bonding with my flat going out for fish and chips (in my case sausage and chips) on the beach and playing around while the sun set. 
  • spending 3 hours in a bloody roasting room having my work critiqued by the entire class. it wasn't nice really and i wasn't allowed to talk to say i knew it was badly executed so i had to sit through them complain about it.. I'm so not a fine art student. 
  • sitting through a just under 1 1/2 hour talk about the choices of majors next year and coming out with none of my questions answered.