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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Yesterday my much awaited package arrived in the mail from TradeMe; Pokemon X. I'm a rather big fan of Pokemon and after hearing that Pokemon X and Y were going to be coming out on the Nintendo 3DS console I had to buy myself one, also wanting Animal Crossing: New Leaf (also in the post) I decided to just 'yolo' it and buy a 3DS. The spur of the moment thing meant that I did end up with a pink console but oh well I'll put up with it. The game so far is actually really fun although as some people have pointed out it seems rather easy to get through I'm sure I'll be complete in a couple of days although I'm trying to take my time with it. At the moment my main guy is Fennekin on level 27 (I keep cancelling the evolutions as I'm not too keen on them and really love my firey little fox) with a couple of randomly caught Pokemon to keep me alive in those tough battles. I'm not all that fond of the others, although Skiddo is kinda cute, so I'm keeping my eye out for wild pokemon I can catch to make up my dream team! A little bit gutted you can't get Growlithes in X/Y so I cant get my favourite all time Pokemon Arcanine but oh well I'll have to try trading x
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