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Last Christmas' Throwback

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Day 12 ~ 
I was brought up to love Christmas at a very young age, even had a santa hat shoved on my head at the age of one. I still remember getting my giant kitchen playset for Christmas when I was two it was the most amazing present I've ever had and is still reigning over all the crappy electronics and bikes I've gotten. It was my pride and joy and I still had it up until I was 13 when we moved country and couldn't take it with us, of course I didn't play with it but it was still there in the garden waiting. I think one of my favourite parts of Christmas when I was younger apart from of course the presents and lights and things was the Nativity plays. Being a small blonde girl girl I was always cast as the angel, every single bloody year except one where I was cast as a Wise Man... yes a wise MAN but hey ho I got a solo song and I handled my Frankincense very well x
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