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Santa baby slip a sable under the tree for me x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Day 10 ~
I'm not really sure what I want for Christmas this year to be quite honest. The things I do want are either quite expensive or I cant get in New Zealand. Pity... 

Let's start off with those fab Reindeer Knitted Leggings from Topshop. For one thing I hate shipping another I hate summer Christmasses that mean I cant wear cute Christmassey things like these. I still want them though look how cute they are! Another really cute thing that although I can actually get in NZ it's really expensive for what it is, I'm sorry mr Ollie Owl Jar you're not cute enough for 30 bucks. Something I can however afford is this Rabbit Print from Typo also and I may buy it for myself for Christmas if I don't receive it from Santa. 

On the tippity top of my Santa wish list is a new laptop, I've been dying for a mac for years and have always convinced myself I don't need one and they're not worth the price tag but it hasn't stopped me pining after one. If Santa gifted me a lovely MacBook Pro for Christmas I think I may just break down and cry.. but that won't happen. I've also been pining after the BarryM Gelly nail paints having seen them everywhere but unfortunately everywhere but stores here in NZ and nail polish does not ship where ever I've looked. All the cries.  

Also ever since coming home from England this time last year and finishing my giant stash of chocolate and sweets I have been craving more and more English food. That is the like sole thing I miss from living in England and I wish we had a lovely Tesco just round the corner full of Maoams and Galaxy and gah just everything x

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