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Friday, 3 January 2014

A goal of mine the past few years has been to read as many books as possible. Nearer the end of the year I found out my mum also has this goal and also reads more than me but hey she doesn't attack the internet as much as me. I did manage 25 books this year which is more than any year so far so even though I started out on my scary journey to uni I still managed to keep up my free time. I must say the addition of the kindle app on my iPad this year helped. No I didn't download pdfs cough... 

Uglies l Divergent x2 l Life at the Shallow End l Taking the Plunge l Too Damn Hot l The Infinite Life of Emily Crane l Beauty and the Beast l Beastly l Insurgent x2 l The Notebook l Dear John l A Walk to Remember l City of Bones l City of Ashes l City of Glass l City of Fallen Angels l City of Lost Souls l Withering Tights l The Hunger Games l Catching Fire l Mockingjay l Dash and Lily's Book of Dares l Allegiant 

The best discoveries of 2013 I think would have to be the Divergent series (the third book was a bit of a let down but the other two were fab and I really loved Tris and Four) and the Mortal Instruments series (again another series that got a bit lame after few books but my god Clace is like one of my hardest ships flails and I really love Alec - eek for the movie omg omg) although I did really like reading some of the Nicholas Sparks books after seeing all the movies. 

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