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A Wild Ol' Picnic - ProductReview

Friday, 31 January 2014

Glam Manicare Express! Nail Wraps in 'Wild Africa' and 'Peach Picnic'
I've never used nail wraps or strips before so this was a first, also the reason why I have not included pictures of the wraps on the nails as they're appalling. When I say appalling I really mean close up you can see some little bubbles on the edges and things which can't be seen from normal length away. So unless you've got your head so close to my hands that i could hit you without moving my hand they look fine, they just don't photograph well! These glam manicare wraps are actually really easy to use and if you don't rush them like I did you'll get a great finish, like I managed to on my last few fingers that I took time doing.  The only problem I had with these was the packaging, it was a struggle to get the strips out of their plastic pouches and I ended up taking to them with the scissors which has left it horrible to try store the rest of the unused strips, as you can get two manicures out of one design if you have the right sized fingers which is great in my opinion! 8/10 x
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