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Friday, 10 January 2014

Look at this gorgeous thing that I think if I could I would get down on one knee and shove a ring on it! It's just too perfect I don't want to remove the plastic safety covers as you can see from the shinyness all over the picture. Of course I am so proud to present the new place I shall be blogging!!!! A new shiny iMac!!!!! I'm so excited to get into using it as apart from using them at school and uni I've never used a Mac that's my own. It's weird to not have several thousand servers connected to it (and also lack of several thousand programs sigh). I'm looking forward to using it to blog, especially as I can actually upload photos to blogger instead of having to upload to imgur or another image host and copy and paste them in as blogger on my laptop decides it doesn't ever want me to upload an image via it. I might do a 'bloggers workspace' post soon when I move into my new room and get everything set up as if you can see in the photo everything's just dumped on the desk in this room. 

Hopefully once acquiring Adobe Photoshop this will be the perfect little baby to do all my uni coursework on it sure does have a huge screen even though it's the smaller of the two iMacs but it's been a while since I used my 32inch screen so this feels huge compared to my laptop. It's gonna be great to Photoshop things on! I'm still learning my way around and it did honestly take me about half an hour to figure out how to download Google Chrome (I didn't realise you had to drag it from the image I thought it was just a simple image..) so that's going to be fun! I'll keep you guys updated if there's a hilarious let's all laugh at Sophie moment while learning x
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