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New year, new you? Yeah right

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Well let's just say Blogmas failed aye - I did manage 15/24 days which I think for me is actually really good! I probably shouldn't have forced myself to post every day as that got rather hectic especially as I wasn't doing all that much in real life to talk about. 
But it's a new year! It's now officially 12 hours and 42 minutes into 2014 here in New Zealand and well just between you and me it's been a great 12 hours and 43 mins I mean Meet The Sloths has finally come to NZ television so I spent all morning watching the gorgeous animals. If you didn't know my fav animal is a Sloth you do now! 
BUTTT we are here not for sloths but for celebrating the new year. I don't normally make new years resolutions because well I never stick with them because I am lazy and never bother to succeed. This year however I thought I'd give it a try, not huge resolutions but things that I hope to do anyway so it's just a little boost therefore no try and cut down on chocolate cuz that won't happen. So here we go
  • Try and get into yoga - three times a week at least 
  • Blog some more - more longer lifestyle and thoughts posts   
  • Try and use my journal/thoughtbookthing more (book to write when my head gets too messy)
  • Take more photographs, especially of my cat while he's still with us
  • Focus on learning the Francaisss
  • Stress a little less, make more fun, try and get over fears, be happy 
Maybe the last one isn't really a resolution but a life rule but hey it'll work. That's it at the moment I don't really want to pile them up as one of my friends has like 15 resolutions I have no idea how he's gonna manage that! Well now into 12 hours and 57 minutes (I did hang out washing in the middle of writing okay it didn't take me that long...) of 2014. Happy New Year x