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Twenty Fourteen

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I know a lot of New Year posts may be overkill but I feel like 2014 is going to be my year. Although I've already had some ups and downs and I know it's going to have one awful death in the family but it seems I've finally found my place.  

I'm really excited to move back down to uni, less because of work but more because I'm flatting with my friends. Last year I lived in uni halls which were 5 bedroom flats so I didn't know my flatmates before I moved in with and it was so lucky that I got on with them and I got on with two of them so much they were like family by the end of the year it was fabulous. I don't know if living in the same flat as my friends will now make it a bit awkward as last year I had some where to go to to get away from if I needed some Sophie time and now I wont. I'm sure it'll be fine though as they all lived on their own last year so they'll be wanting their own time too. Think we'll have some great memories in that flat and hopefully stay there for the next three years of my degree. I'll also be living with my boyfriend which we'll see how that goes as we agreed to live together before actually getting together as I'm really for the whole not living with people you're dating but we'll see. 

I'm hoping my second year at uni will go much smoother in classes having got past that freshers first year of learning all the new things and will finally crack down on classes specific to our degrees. I'm incredibly excited for a class I'm taking called 'Character Design' and really think it'll be so much fun as all I love doing in my spare time is drawing Disney so if I'm able to go down that kinda style route of animation I'll be so happy. I really hope to take my confidence to the next level and allow myself to actually ask for help and work while people are around me and let them see my progress works instead of hiding away until I finish my final piece.

Last night I made a huge purchase which has taken me years to finally cave into something I've really wanted ever since using one for the first time about 4 years ago; an iMac. Frankly I've heard some really good and really bad things about apple and I just wanted to make my own decision about it so just went for it. Deciding on a desktop instead of a laptop as my laptop is still pretty decent but my desktop really does need replacing as I never bother using it as it's useless. I'll just leave it up here when I move back down so I can use it in holidays and not have to bother carting my laptop back and forth as it's a bloody nuisance. 

As for my resolutions it's now the 8th and I'm doing pretty well at most of them, as you can see from this post.. well better than I thought I would personally.