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and if the city never sleeps than that makes two

Thursday, 6 February 2014

I move back to the city this Sunday and I'm really excited! I'm not that excited about leaving my family again as I'm such a family person and being 8 hours away from them feels awful through the year but I manage. The thing this year though is I've gotten over freshers year, I'm no longer a freshman I'm now a sexy sophomore or ya know a sophimore... ANYWAYS bad jokes aside I plan this year to make more of an effort and spend more time doing things than staying inside. We know this is most probably not going to happen but if I write it down it's more likely to motivate me! 

  1. Explore the city more. Wellington isn't a huge city so it can't be too hard and I just find that I call myself a Wellingtonian but I've never even been up the hill. Ever. I want to go for more adventure walks and take my camera with me and hopefully update you on the way! 
  2. Spend more time in the library. Last year I used the library soley for wifi and disney animator books so this year I want to spend more time in it and explore all the different sections. There's some glorious books in there and I want to read quite a few of them and expand my knowledge. 
  3. Meet new people. I'm not the best person to make friends and usually I only make friends through my friends or for a few weeks while we struggle through a class together. This year though I'm gonna try my best to make and keep some new friends that I do more than just add on Facebook as that's just pointless. 
I spent all last year staring out my window at the world (it was an amazing view) so this year I want to get stuck into that world I stared at and become a part of the city and get involved.