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Artist Attraction #3 | Dawn Tan

Sunday, 2 February 2014

I came across this artist whilst browsing Pintrest a while ago and ended up spending quite a while browsing her various pieces. After coming across her again on Tumblr I thought I might include a little post about her work on the blog. Dawn Tan lives in Australia and specialises mainly in landscapes, food and plants, her art is laid back and fun to look at. I wish I had the confidence she has with watercolour. I think she's been one of my latest inspirations to my work especially as I discovered her shortly before purchasing my first watercolour palette set. I wonder if you could actually make what she's drawn just from seeing the ingredients, the pieces are really unique and I really wish I could have one for my room! Even just the soy bread and smoothie piece, which shows how easy her inspiration comes to her - just from breakfast. I think from looking at her architecture pieces that the year 10 art class at my school studied her, that's a bit freaky coming across the actual artist years later!