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Friday, 14 February 2014
old or new book shops are cute...
As you may know now I've moved back to the city and today I was fulfilling one of my city aims for the year. Well not fulfilling but I was exploring the main part of the city looking at all the new shops and browsing the old ones and well I normally don't go into bookshops when shopping as I'm normally with friends and they're not really ones for bookshops but today I thought what the hell I was alone. I came across this really cute new little bookshop called 'Ferret' and spent quite a long time browsing their art shelves and let's just say I really wanted to buy most of them shelves but I am a poor student. So I regrettably and tearfully left them all behind but I think if I can't find the books in the library then I will splurge on one or two or all of them along the line of this year. I particularly loved their slogan to go with the 'Ferret' name; 'poke your nose in' hehe that's cute.
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