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taylor swift and friendship bracelets

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The other day my bestie and I trekked over to my old flatmates new house to check it out and hang out after not seeing each other for 3 months. The walk was much longer than I expected and well the sun was out blazing so we turned up at their door hot, sweaty and in much need of a glass of water... or four. We sat out in their cute little patio while guzzling our weight in water and achieving a rather nice burn across my entire chest, shoulders and face. I must have looked a right picture! 
Eventually the sun went behind some clouds and wouldn't come out so we ventured inside to look through the collection of boxes they discovered in their attic. Under a mountain of dry highlighters and pots of various glitter we found some of your average cross stitching thread and decided to make friendship bracelets. You know those ones that every girl learns to make in like year 7, or every girl but us as we had to google how to make them. So we three girls sat with Taylor Swift playing in the background for few hours while our very handy guy made the dinner. (I question why I ever decided not to flat with him this year om nom nom)
Don't judge my first attempt at a bracelet okay it was my very first try and for half of it I couldn't attach it to anything so it was flying all over the place, but I thought I did okay. I'm gonna try a few more on my own I think just so that I can do it. 
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