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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Oh so hello there! Remember me? I highly doubt that you do as it's been around four months since I last posted. So yeah I got busy and things which isn't really a great excuse but yay I slightly got a life and started socialising and things so let's be happy for me! So here's what you missed on glee: 
  • I gained some really great grades and some really ew lame grades that I don't think I deserved in my first semester that finished in May.
  • I had a nice relaxing holiday back at home with my family and we went on some trips out in the new campervan together. 
  • My boyfriend came up to stay with us for a week and properly meet the family (scary face) but it was all good he behaved excellently and they loved him. 
  • I got a wreck this journal for my birthday! Which I haven't done as much as I thought I would've since then. (More on this in another post)
  • I returned back to uni and have now gone through another half semester and have just handed in all my work. 
  • I got involved a lot in the party scene at the start of this semester and had a lot of fun that sometimes ended with me on the bathroom floor even though nothing happened I didn't want to trust my gut ahaa ;)
  • I've been trying to get back into the nail art scene and will hopefully get my skills back up to scratch. 
  • The same with coding, I've gotten back into the HTML/CSS game and I'm learning how to code tumblr themes woo! 
  • I lost my poor laptop, it decided it was time to go and gave me a poof of smoke and sparks and it was gone. The laptop repair people said it was probably best to just buy a new one so say hello to Dora my new (grossly) purple laptop which at the moment doesnt have photoshop so the above image was edited on paint woo! 
  • I went to Armageddon, which is basically a smaller, less cool, nz version of comic con where I fangirled majorly. 
  • I started collecting the Frankie magazine after a long long time of me not reading magazines. (More on this also in another post)
So that's the basics really and hopefully I'm going to be back on here more often! I have a few blogposts in mind to post over the holidays and hopefully over the next part semester I'll continue too! 

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