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Book Review: Charlie StCloud

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hiya so sometimes very rarely I do the thing where I don't realise movies have come from books and randomly discover them in the library. This is one of those cases having watched the movie Charlie StCloud with mister wildcat Zefron himself years and years ago it was weird to see him chilling in the fiction section on a book cover. Of course being Zac I investigated and realised there was a book! Now luckily as I hadn't seen the movie for quite a long time I couldn't for the life (and death) of me remember what happened so it came home with me. Of course reading through things started to click into place and halfway through I started to remember what happens. 

I would recommend this as even though I'd watched the movie it's still written perfectly in that it's very hard to as my Dad would say "write the script" and guess what's going to happen. Of course the whole girl falls for the guy part is obvious but other than that there are some great jaw dropping moments. Have a read! 

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