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Lunch with the classics

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The holidays are getting really close to the end and Mum and I decided to take her last day off while I'm here to head out and have some Mother/Daughter bonding time (unfortunately for the bonding Dad tagged along for lunch). We went along to the local pancake house and had a blast, well had a pancake. I have a habit of going for the classics instead of one of their fancy concoctions and opted for the lemon and sugar with ice cream. Can I just say this is a regular and its flippin' massive (see what I did there), I didn't manage to finish it unfortunately but I got so very close! Along with that I stuck with the classics and got some tea, cuz I luuuurve my tea and it came in this gorgeous teapot that I just wanted to smuggle away under my coat. 

Along with lunch we strolled around town and as my mum's an avid card maker we splurged along the craft stores and I came away with some really awesome stickers and almost a load more but ya know student poorness. The amount of stickers I wish I could buy but don't is amazing, I'm pretty sure if I had loads of money I'd be swimming in stickers... among other things! 

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