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Thursday, 18 September 2014
There's just something so exciting about moving into a new place in that you can pick up all your old stuff and shove it into a new environment and it all looks like 10x more amazing! Of course with the addition of a whole bunch more stuff you bought beforehand cuz it would 'look good in the new house'. Now with the idea of packing boxes being a month away my heads just brimming with ideas about how I (and the boyfriend but mainly I) will make the place look fabby. I've been browsing Tumblr and Pintrest for some basic ideas at the moment and not allowing myself to get too involved in ideas until we've moved in and seen where everything we already have is going to fit. Especially as I'm probably only going to be living there for around 2 weeks before I move back home for the summer until January when the real work kicks in and I'm, as my boyfriend puts it, 'allowed to put all the girly shit everywhere'. Until then the scrolling will continue, mood boards will be created in my head and probably some minor things might be bought oops...

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