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Monday, 29 September 2014
[Photo credit to their Facebook page as my phone photos are awful]

The other night my boyfriend dragged me along with him to grab dinner before he went out. We went to this little outdoor burger van down the road from our flat and we'd been dying to try it out as everyone's been saying how great it is. Now as it was around 5pm I wasn't all that hungry so I wasn't planning to eat there just keep him company but ya know with burgers sizzling away in front of you its hard to say no. I went for the classic $5 Ester burger and it was pretty good once I'd removed the jalapenos, reminded me of the homemade burgers my Dad makes when I'm home. If you live in Wellington I highly recommend checking this place out down Cuba St it has such a cool atmosphere and we were chilling on bus seats whilst eating our dinner, pretty awesome! 

p.s eek we got the Ed Sheeran tickets I'm so excited!!

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