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Things To Learn: Yummy things

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Yesterday while I was waiting for my amazing boyfriend to start the dinner I was browsing Pintrest to feed my empty stomach and came across so many great dishes that I wished I could create. Now when I say waiting for him to start dinner I mean I'm the fabulous sous chef that does all the basic kitchen jobs like cutting sausages and defrosting vegges and grating cheese. I just sometimes wish I could've learnt to cook proper meals at a younger age so I wasn't stuck at 20 with the amount of dishes I can cook counted on one hand. Savoury dishes I might add, I'm not actually all that bad at baking I make a fab brownie *cough cough*. I thought as this summer whilst I was at home with nothing to do while everyone has jobs I could do a few things with my spare time and that's where this new set of posts is coming from! Over the next few weeks until summer I'm going to be posting a few things that I want to learn over the holidays for next year so I won't be struggling along in some areas. Stay tuned! 

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