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Wednesday, 8 October 2014
Have you ever watched The Princess Diaries and really wanted to try out that throwing darts and paint balloons art in that once scene? Well I did and today my wish came true! For one of my classes at Uni this semester we've been planning a very large student market hosted by just under 300 students. For this we worked in teams of 5 and unfortunately due to a few circumstances my team ended up being a team of 3 for most of the part but we steamed ahead. We wanted to create something different than your average market stall where they sell food or little charms, we wanted to create an experience. So together with just under 100 balloons we trekked forward and created this masterpiece. Let's hope we get a good grade!
If any of you want to try this out it's really simple: 
  1. Grab some balloons, water balloons work the best, and after being stretched pour in a 60/40% paint/water mixer to about 3/4 of the way.
  2. Grab a bottle, I used one of them no mess ketchup bottles, and pump it full of air. 
  3. Attach the balloons to string then string them up over the canvas.
  4. Throwwwww! 

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