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Gold is a girls best friend?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hiya so thanks for putting up with the fact I've hardly been posting the last two weeks it's been uni hell! But today I finished uni for the year and no longer have uni until late February next year, crazy..two years down, two to go! For my Letterpress class I had to create a poster that would work as a booklet cover and the inside pages for a given element. I got given gold and however much I really hate gold I really enjoyed making this set even though I had either gold powder or gold glitter stuck to me for the past 12 weeks. It involved making a lot of small vinyl layered mines to emboss over and over again as after about 3 times through the printing press they would lose their depth and almost become flat. So I'm just pretty happy it got finished and I'm pretty pleased with the A I got for the poster for the first part of the semester and I'm hoping for something similar this part for the inside pages. Fingers crossed! 

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