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Review: The Maze Runner

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hiya blogisphere it's been a couple of days but look what I finally did! After my friends decided they wanted to go to watch The Maze Runner this week I decided as I love to read the books before watching the movie it would be the perfect time to finally get my arse in gear and read the book. I've been wanting to read it for so long and have actually started it a few times before and ended up being too busy to finish it. But I finally did it! I managed to read it the fastest I've ever read a book of it's size so I was pretty proud. Although after watching the movie I saw it wasn't really necessary reading it before hand as it's hardly even the same at all, based on the book is a very loose term.
I really liked both the movie and the book but I felt that the movie held a lot of questions as I was having to fill my friends in on the reasons behind certain things on the walk home from the movie as they didn't understand. When I think about it this was the same for The Hunger Games when I watched it with my Dad, I guess big actiony books are hard to siphon down to an hour and a half so some background information is left out. It's understandable but then it's also annoying having to let your non book friends know the reason why they all have weird names and Thomas is just Thomas.
The casting in this movie however is great, there's only a few characters where I was like "oh what how is that Gally I thought it was Chuck", "how is that Newt I thought it was Chuck", "oh that's Chuck now I get it", or "oh wow Alby's black". But saying that I really enjoyed it and I'm glad they managed to get it down to about an hour and a half as those actiony movies that are like 3 hours get a bit meh to me. I recommend both the movie and the book so whatever you like to do go get this story! 

The Scorch Trials currently halfway through reading, stay tuned. 

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