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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

So that thing I mentioned about posting lots due to the fact that I've finished uni is a lie. I still currently have two projects to finish even though classes have finished and one is a quick finish and the other is around 2 weeks away. However that's not the main reason, the fact that I'm moving house on Saturday is. I've mentioned this before so I wont go into it but I'm really excited and all the packing, sorting and getting rid of my room in my present apartment is taking up so much time. On with the post!I've recently gotten back into the habit of using Instagram for more than just posting photos and craving likes and follows. I'm actually following more and more people and enjoying all their posts at least like 10 times a day, it's getting a bit of an addiction. [in order from left to right, top to bottom.]

jasminedowling: Jasmine was one of the first blogs I started to follow after my return to Instagram. I really love her style and designs, especially her work with the gold foil lettering gimme all that! Her other lifestyle type photos are composed really well and pretty. 

dinotomic: I've been following him for quite a while and can I just say go there right now and look at his flippin' amazing drawings, thats just promarkers and pencil crayons right there look! (and then come back here after following him please).

alittleopulent: Being an online magazine A Little Opulent posts photos of their latest articles and reviews and although I don't read the magazine I follow a few of their illustrators and writers as well. They post a nice mix of things from decor and design to make up and fashion. 

emmabone3: Now Emma actually goes to my uni and I found through Facebook page surfing. Her lettering style is amazing and I want it so much - I've even had planned an artist review blog post on her because I love her work so much. 

talesatsea: Sarah's Instagram I also found through her type but she posts so much more than just type; she posts lots of everyday lifestyle posts including photos of her newly gorgeous pink hair. 

nectarandstone: Yay baking and food! Caroline makes the best desserts and chocolate you could only dream about - unless you live in Australia you lucky buggers! She does everything from chocolate pyramids and macarons to cookies and cake. I actually almost forgot to include this after not being able to decide what photo to put on as they're all so amazing. 

abbysy: I only came across Abby's Instagram a few days ago but after scrolling through her page for hours I concluded it was now one of my favourite accounts. All of her photos are beautifully presented and she features a lot of her watercolour work which I pray that I can get as good as her some day.

nikkimcwilliams: Holy crap I have an Instagram that's not type? Wow! Nikki's Instagram is full of her fabulous creations - biscuit themed home accessories, mainly pillows which I want one of each please Santa. She also recently got a new little cat Frankie who is just adorable and I crave a kitten every time I see him. 

fromrosesxo: The editor of A Little Opulent, Rebecca, has a gorgeous Instagram. Mainly filled with lifestyle sort of photos filled with design, fashion, food and her gorgeous pup Bella. If I can get my instagram to this level I would be so flipping happy! 

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