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that weirdo with five colours in her hair...

Thursday, 23 October 2014

For years and years now I've been wanting to colour my hair and most the time I concluded red. This was before the time of Rihanna going red and now so many girls have red hair it's just boring. Although I think that's what still tempts me to it nowadays I just can't seem to get the courage to do it. Ever since my gorgeous blonde locks started to darken into brown I've hated the way I never had a distinct colour it was just blondy-brown - how boring! I'm still lacking the courage to do anything so have stuck to sitting on photoshop messing around with the hues. I've figured out I'd suit a nice pale pink but no way am I dying my hair pink! I think until then I might have a go dip dying or I'll have a tester with some non permanent stuff, although how hard is it to find non permanent stuff that isn't those crappy $2 shop spray cans??? Halloween's next week and as we're hosting a party to celebrate moving in (oh yes we've moved in now yay!) I'll have a go for my outfit. Any ideas for what I could go as??

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