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Things To Learn: Road Trip Time

Sunday, 12 October 2014
I don't know what it is but there's just something about learning to drive that I hate.. oh right all of it. Now I've had my learners license for almost 5 years and drove occasionally for the first like two. I just really hate driving. I do realise that it's pretty lame to be 20 years old and still not be able to drive but I also feel like I've gotten to the point where it's weird to be taking my test and things. Also I am really scared of having to sit in a car for like an hour, concentrating on driving, whilst trying to make small talk with an instructor who could fail me. But I feel like it's a skill I really should have even though I live in a city where you don't need to drive places, it's a quick walk to most areas. My boyfriend has his full license and it was great when he was able to drive up to my parents place in the holidays and visit me and then drive us on a road trip back home to the city and I wish I could share the load. Hopefully over summer whilst I'm home I can get Dad to take me out in my little car and give me some lessons. Yes I know I have a car and I never drive - stay tuned for more useless parts of me. 

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