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Monday, 3 November 2014

With moving, the last hand ins for uni, and Brads family coming down to visit I've hardly been able to read a blog post let alone write one. I have a few posts in mind from now but forgive me a tiny bit. We've been busy unpacking boxes, arranging furniture, and buying things like a microwave. If things weren't expensive and I wasn't paying rent for two places this would be so much fun but ya know with all that it's just a normal amount of fun! With all this going on we've hardly had anytime for ourselves but I did manage to drag Brad along to the Make-Up Clearance pop up store the other day. I picked up a few things and I'm pretty happy with most of them. The one thing I love about these popup shops is that Sally Hansen nail polishes are only $3 each and it's so bloody worth it. Of course there's only a select amount of colours but I normally manage to pick up a few I like. I walked out with SH Sugar Coat in Sour Apple, Xtreme Wear in Chocolate Nut, and Insta-Dri in Lightning. I'm excited to try out the sugar coat as I've seen a bit about it and I'm not sure how it'll work out but I'll be sure to do a review soon with my thoughts. I also grabbed a new Baby Lips in Quenched mainly cuz it was in the American packaging and I have a thing for packaging oops but it also was only $3. However I wasn't as pleased getting home with the ColourSensational Popstick in Orange Crush as I thought it was a nice pigmented lipstick due to the fact you're not allowed to open them to have a look and you're shoved in every direction by other women. I will find use for it though as it's nice to have a sheer lip product to use on its own occasionally or to use with cheaper branded lipstick to keep it nice and moist and for only $5 and about 3/4 of the price it'll do. Another fiver deal was the shampoo, not that much of a deal as I can get this deal other places but while I was there I thought I would shove it in my basket! 

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