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Monday, 10 November 2014
This weekend Brad and I met up with his Mum and Gram for dinner along the waterfront. As it was around the 5th there were meant to be fireworks on the waterfront at around 9 that night so a lot of the restaurants were fully booked. We aimed to go to this Italian restaurant Portofino along the waterfront that wouldn't let anyone book so we just turned up and although it was a wee bit chilly we managed to get a lovely table outside on the waterfront. As soon as we got the alcohol and warm food in us it was nice and warm. Now I'm a really picky eater so it was a bloody miracle that I had a hard time deciding what to have for dinner, usually I don't have a choice. I ended up going with the Pollo Camembert which was obviously lovely grilled chicken covered with melted camembert, apricot and a bloody marvelous creamy sauce with potatoes and vegetables. I'm not a very foodie person when it comes to savoury meals but I could eat this again and again my god it was amazing. After stuffing ourselves with dinner and sides of cheesy pizza bread we decided to dive in for pudding as well. But not before we sat at our table and watched the beautiful firework display from the water, I actually didn't take any photos I'm afraid as I just spent the time taking it all in - but you know what fireworks look like, just imagine huge really well composed fireworks. Then came the desert, a glorious caramel cheesecake that unfortunately I couldn't get all the way through. We then pretty much rolled all the way to his family's hotel where we had to get a taxi as we were so stuffed we couldn't manage walking all the way home! 

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