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Friday, 7 November 2014
With uni over and the moving things slowly coming together I've been spending a lot of time indoors having caught a pretty decent flu. I haven't got the greatest luck at the moment oops hopefully things turn out good once this flu is over seen as I've had it for a week now. Anyways while chilling at the new house I've been doing some arty things of my own now uni's over and thought I'd share my favourite products at the moment. 

Pens: Copic Multiliner / ZIG Drawing Pen / Artline / Uniball 
I get a variety of brands for various different tasks however I make sure to get waterproof inks so I can use them alongside the watercolour. I tend to use 0.3 and 0.1 points a lot however I do also use a variety of .1 .2 .3 .5 and .8's. 

Brush Pens: Tombow Dual Pen
Seriously this is the best pen for lettering and I've been hunting my local art shops for ages for the Black one to return to stock! I've used a fair few brands of brush pens but Tombow has got to be the best, I really recommend it. 

Pencils:  Uni Shalaku 0.5 / WHSmiths basic pencil 4B
I normally prefer 2B's to be perfectly honest but this little WHS 4B has come a long way with me, I've had it for years as you can probably tell from the bite marks... 

Erasers: Uni Auto Eraser 
I love this pencil type eraser as it's great for getting rid of small extra lines in lettering and illustrations. I do also use a large regular eraser if needed but mostly this one. 

Brushes: Winsor and Newton portable paintbrush / Royal Langnickel Aqua-Flo brush
I love the brush included in the palette it's perfect and portable. The waterbrush I've only had for a week or so but so far am liking it enough to include in here. I may do a review further down the line once I've used it enough as it's not a common art product really.  

Palettes: Winsor and Newton watercolours 
These beauties are amazing I highly recommend them over the cheaper brands, they're a little bit more expensive but worth it. I do have one block of a Pebeo watercolour purely as I wasn't keen on one of the yellows included and thought I would use another blue much more. It's not as good as it's fellow blocks but at least I use it. (I even cleaned it for you guys, feel special). 

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