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Is it really a miracle? | Nail Polish Review

Monday, 1 December 2014
While I was over at my boyfriends house the other week his mum gave me this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel set saying that she struggled with it and wondered if I would have any luck. Now with these no light gel sets becoming all the rage lately I decided to wait to post this review until my nails had chipped. I did have some better luck with the set and although I do like the look I'm not sure it's doing what I would want from a gel manicure. Although I've never actually had a proper salon gel manicure I'm pretty quizzed up on the positives. Sally Hansen says that this manicure should last for up to 14 days with brilliant shine, so far I've had mine on for 5 days and it's started to chip. I will add that I was putting up a Christmas tree today so I'd give it a few extra days but it's still far from the promised around 14 days. Also they recommend 2 coats of colour and 1 coat of top coat, however as many people say it's better doing thinner coats I did 3 coats of colour and it's still not as opaque as I would like. I feel like this set gives the same look a regular polish and a really good top coat would give so I'm not exactly going to be running out to the shops for another colour. I will however give this another go with another layer and less Christmas tree making and see how it goes. 

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