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Monday, 19 January 2015
That part of the year where Summer and Autumn fade together and it's too hot for jeans but too cold for shorts is hard enough let alone having hot university classrooms shoved into the mix. I've gotten into the habit of surfing the Womens Fashion Pinterest boards and find myself pining over the Autumn/Winter outfits while lying on my bed with the fan on full blast in as little clothing as possible. It's not a secret that I hate summer, no matter how many years I spend in this country my body is not used to the heat, I am used to the pathetic glorious English weather and forever will be. I just really want to be able to wear proper shoes again, my wardrobe full of boots and my beloved converse are screaming at me to be worn again and I wont even start on the clothing that's more than a few millimeters thick. But in the meantime I'll just pin and pin until the fan can finally penetrate the heat and cool my body. Check out my board!  

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