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Fav 5 of January

Friday, 30 January 2015
I haven't done a favourites post in ages, actually thinking about it I may not have ever done one but I feel I have! Anyways January is almost over if you can believe it and I've complied some things that I've been loving as you do in favourites so lets get on with it. 

While I was in Australia I wanted to pick up a few beauty items as they're slightly cheaper than in New Zealand (that or they're just actually available there) but apart from passing up on the NYX sale which I really shouldn't have I never really found anything cheap enough to be worth buying apart from this Real Techniques brush. I planned throughout the holiday if I had enough money left over at the end that I'd treat myself to the 4 core collection pack however when it got to the end there were none left. So instead I got just the one expert face brush which I've been using ever since and loving. Another make up product I got here in NZ after the recommendations of fellow NZ bloggers and YouTubers. The Jordana matte lipstick in Taupe is really good quality for $3 which I like to use either on its own or on top of other brighter shades to tone them down a little bit. I'm really loving this browny nude colour at the moment. 

The other day whilst browsing the sale racks I came across this beauty of a tshirt, I absolutely fell in love with the cactus design, bought it straight away and have been wearing it ever since! (It's been washed I'm not that gross x). I also recently got my 2015 diary in the mail and have been loving using it to plan posts, make lists and note down important dates. It's going to become really useful once Uni starts back up and hopefully I'll be a bit more organised than the last two years. My last favourite for the month has been my Kindle app; over the years I've been competing with my mum to read the most books in a year and I've yet to win. 2015 however will be the year of change!! With the the help of my kindle I've read 5 books already this month so hopefully things will keep going as well as January has. I might do a group book review post soon about these books otherwise it'll be a bit overwhelming with a post each! 

What have you been loving this month? 

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